Wide format inkjet printers INFINITI 3278N

Wide format inkjet printers  INFINITI 3278N  industrial printer line, using 8 nozzles SEIKO Japanese 50PL. the remarkable speed of up to 120m²/h Produced by Infiniti – brand printers with over 80% market share in Vietnam.may-in-phun-kho-lon-infiniti-3278NFeatures

Infiniti/Challenger Seiko Head Printer FY-3278N: Gold Supplier

1, Equipped with 8 Seiko SPT 510 50pl print heads.

2, Double 4 color printing, the standard output achieves 157m2/hr.

3, AC servo motor is used to run the carriage quicker and more stable.

4, Individual color cleaning minimizes the waste of the ink;

5, 3 way intelligent heater (pre/print/post) helps bring more vivid output;

6, The entire printing platform and the girder are made of the alloy-aluminum which is more strong and flat.