Wide format inkjet printers INFINITI 3208R

Wide format inkjet printers INFINITI 3208R is solvent printer adopts double 4-color high saturation printing technology. Its maximum printing precision is 720×720dpi, and maximum printing speed is up to 76m2/h.

may-in-phun-kts-kho-lon-3208R► Features:

1. An independent positive pressure cleaning system is configured into this outdoor solvent inkjet printing equipment. Through the cleaning system, ink on the print head for each color will be cleaned separately to avoid ink waste to the greatest extent.

2. The industrial piezoelectric print heads in our 4-color outdoor solvent printer have ultra long service life and high printing speed (76m2/h maximum).
3. The print head carriage movement is controlled by a slide way comprised of 8bearings and 4steel discs. This control system can greatly reduce the shaking when the print head carriage is moving.
4. Robust aluminum alloy structure makes the platen and the beam of our vehicle sticker printer flat so as to ensure excellent printing quality.
5. Comprehensive three-section independent heating system which is adjustable helps improve image quality and increase drying speed.
6. The air drying system consisting of 10 powerful cool air fans facilitates image drying. A hot air drying system is optional.
7. You can adjust the bidirectional printing mode, stepping increment and the speed of the ink jetting device without interrupting the printing process of this outdoor solvent printer.


► About SBC Vietnam

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► Specifications:

Print head Piezoelectric industrial print head
Number of print head 8 (SPT510-35pL)
Maximum printing precision 720×720dpi
Maximum printing width 3200mm (125.98″)
Printing speed Rough draft mode:101m2/h;
Production mode:76m2/h;
Precision mode:51m2/h;
High precision mode:28m2/h
Maximum width of medium 3300mm (125.98″)
Type of medium Lamp cloth, self adhesive vinyl, gridding cloth, banner cloth and other reel-to-reel outdoor inkjet printing media.
Pre-heating & drying system Heating system for the front, middle and rear platen; Cool air drying system; ((Print head heating system and hot air drying system are optional to be configured to this 4-color outdoor eco-solvent inkjet equipment.)
Ink type Dedicated solvent ink, eco-solvent ink
Ink cartridge capacity 1L or 5L for the main ink cartridge
Cleaning and moisturizing system Positive pressure cleaning for print head for each color separately with LED illuminating lamp; Semi-auto moisturizing
Print interface port USB 2.0
RIP software of 4-color lamp cloth printer Maintop; Photoprint, Ultraprint, ONYX, etc.
Power supply Printer:AC220V, 50Hz, 3.5A, 770W
Drying platform:AC220V, 50Hz, 9A, 1980W
Drying heating platform :AC220V, 50Hz, 10A, 2200W
Operating environment Temperature:15 ℃~30 ℃ (20 ℃~28 ℃ optimal);
Humidity:20%~80% (40%~60% optimal)
Machine dimension & net weight L4460×W905×H1280mm; 348kg
Package dimension & gross weight L4590×W970×H1550mm; 591kg