UV Printer Hybrid NeoTitan UVT-2504D-W2V

Máy in UV Hybrid NeoTitan UVT-2504D-W2V giúp bạn thực hiện in trên tất cả các loại vật liệu, là dóng máy có giá thành mực in thấp nhất nhưng chất lượng bản in cao nhất.
NeoTitan UVT-2504D-W2V

Speed : 139 sqm/hr (Express Mode) delivers the highest productivity
– Acuuracy : Better accuracy and repeatability are secured by more solid and stable vacuum table
– Quality : Dual servo motor control guarantees uncompromising image quality
– Convencience : Built-in PC with touch screen operation

Neo Titan FB2513-06DW-1

✔Special Features
– Ink : Non-TVOC certified, Greener and environmental-friendlier solution
– Auto Vacuum Control System : handles various media sizes
– Dual Servo Auto Feeding System for precise feeding control
– Auto Lamp Shutter System : twin shutter control to select ideal curing condition
– UV Lamp Power Control System : conrols heat generated to effectively handle heat sensitive substrates
– Auto Gap Preset System : maximum media thickness of 50mm
– Sliding Ink Refill Station for easy accessibility
– Air Blowing System to handle heavy substrates
– Print Head Collision Prevention System
– Media Origin Setting Bar : enables easier media setting
– Anti-Static System : keeps media static free
– Superior image quality reinforced by Dilli Variable Dot
(Gray Scale 4 steps drop size form 0 upto 13 pl)
– Masking Mode(Gradient) for industry best photorealistic printing quality
– MHA System : Easier and Finer Print head alignment system
– Printhead Nozzle Protection System
1) Whit ink Ciculation System
2) V Motion System

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