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NEO MERCURY NEW UV printer  Accepted as a leader of entry market by excellent quality, perfomane and resonable price in world market of UV Courving Printer. Printing Speed – Max Production Mode 50m per minute with CMYK(4) color printing Resolution – Photorealistic image quality at maximum quality mode of 1,200dpi Color Expresssion – Dilli orginal Cyan,

INFINITI Ultimaker FY-1325A UV Printer

INFINITI Ultimaker FY-1325A UV Printer SEIKO SPT1020/35pl printheads, High resolution and speed.widely apllication. Adopts industrial stainless steel piezo print head which has 1020 nozzles each to achieve both high speed and high resolution Electronic Unit origin in United Kingdom comprises of dual UV lamps and power supply , making the ink fast-solidified. ► Features 1. The whole UV

INFINITI 2508L-1440 DPI UV Printer

INFINITI 2508L-1440 DPI UV Printer, equipped with industrial piezo printheads,with 1020 nozzles each head and maximum 720×1440 dpi,high resolution and high speed. Printing materials more widely to support a wider range of image market applications. The cured ink , good flexibility , good adhesion , scrub resistance , solvent resistance, high gloss ► Features ◆   Height-adjustable beam

MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2m large format LED-UV

MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2m large format LED-UV , the totally new SIJ-320UV grand-format LED–UV inkjet printer is a high-performance printer developed using Mimaki’s concentrated inkjet technologies to provide good quality printing with a maximum printable width of 3.2 m. Product outlines: 3.2 m-wide LED-UV inkjet printer ・LED-UV curing 3.2 m wide grand-format inkjet printer delivers high productivity

NEOTITAN RTR5004D-W2X/RTR5004DX Digital UV printer

NEOTITAN RTR5004D-W2X/RTR5004DX Digital UV printer targeting both for high quality POP and outdoor billboard application. Stay ahead of the competition high productivity up to 235m²/h. Replacing low speed water-based and eco-solvent printers with 1440 dpi photorealitic quality. Dilli Premium UV Ink Water and fade resistant contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), media-independent, fast drying, and industry


NEOTITAN RTR3204D Digital UV printer with true roll-to-roll printing capability. Economically feasible and efficient roll-to-roll with 4 colors plus white printing. The highest productivity with maximum speed 150sqm/hr billboard mode. Photorealistic printing quality with 1440dpi resolution. ✔  Eco-friendly Solution – Balance both environmental and business needs owing to Dilli orignal UV inks that contain no volatile

MIMAKI UJF- 6042HG UV printer

MIMAKI UJF- 6042HG UV printer, allows you to print on promotional products, awards and gift merchandise along with industrial components and accessories. The 1,800 x 1,800 dpi, variable dot technology, with minimum drop size of 4pl, achieves impressive high quality images. Higher image quality than ever before Ball/Screw drive linier actuator technology allows for dot placement

MIMAKI JFX200-2513 UV printer

MIMAKI JFX200-2513 UV printer. Developed using Mimaki engineering knowhow and technology, the JFX200-2513 is an entry-level model printer that is equipped with all the necessary performance, product quality, ease of use, and environmental friendliness required of a flatbed printer. ► A high added value of clear ink is the “advantage” Clear ink can be used

NEOSUN FB2513-04DWX UV Flatbed printer

NEOSUN FB2513-04DWX UV Flatbed printer. Dedicated true flatbed for all kinds of rigid and sheet materials. Max printing speed 100m²/h (Express Mode). Masking mode (Gradient) for extremely higher photorealistic printing quality. ✔ Advantages: – Speed : 100 sqm/hr (Express Mode) delivers the highest productivity – Accuracy : More accurate printing is available with the strong and

NEOTITAN FB2513-06DW UV Flatbed printer

NEOTITAN FB2513-06DW UV Flatbed printer. Dedicated true flatbed for all kinds of rigid and sheet materials. Max printing speed 30m²/h (Production Mode). Hifg resolution 720x1440dpi (max). Ink : TVOC certified, environmentally friendly – Auto Vacuum Control System : handles various media sizes – Dual Servo Auto Feeding System for precise feeding control – UV Lamp Power