Print & Cut machine MIMAKI CJV150

CJV150 Series integrated printer/cutter from Mimaki provides high performance, creativity and versatility with vibrant ink types, including new Silver, Orange and Light Black, in a cost effective package for signmakers, display graphics professionals and printshops.


► Mimaki CJV150 series delivers:

  • Fast printing speeds up to 56.2m2 per hour with DX7 print head
  • High quality print resolution of up to 1,440dpi
  • Four different printing widths: 800mm, 1,090mm, 1,361mm and 1,610mm
  • Choice of multiple solvent ink sets, including:
    10-colour options (SS21) featuring; Silver, Orange, Light Black & Whitbroche inks
  • Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) ensure continuous print operations
  • UISS and optional MBIS III on board 2 litre bulk ink system
  • 3-way intelligent heater


1. “Shiny silver ink” exceeds expectations

SS21 silver ink’s brightness is 1.67 times greater than that of conventional silver inks. Exceptional brightness means high value-added printing and mirror effect results that exceed expectations.


2. Metallic colors created by SS21 silver ink add value to print products with simple operations

SS21’s metallic color collection contains 648 colors that are easily printed using the RIP software, RasterLink6. Through simple operations, impressive and brilliant metallic color print products are created by SS21 silver ink.


3. Orange and light black inks ensure faithful color representation

A) Orange ink

By using the SS21 orange ink as a process color, 94.8% of the PANTONE color chart is covered with approximate colors. Thanks to a wider gamut with the orange ink, food freshness can be simulated, and corporate colors can be faithfully represented.


B) Light black ink

SS21 light black ink and superior gray-balance control produce accurate grayscale printing without unexpected color shifts. Smooth and non-grainy skin tones and grayscale gradation are delivered.


4. Mimaki’s superior print-image quality control technology

A) Light black ink

Mimaki designed an optimum waveform that allows the printhead to jet each ink color at the appropriate jetting angle without losing excellent ink droplet circularity.

Various ink droplet sizes are precisely placed from the minimum size 4pl to the maximum size 35pl. Small droplets create beautiful high-resolution printing, and large droplets are very useful for high-speed printing.


B) Three-way intelligent heater system optimizes the ink droplets size.

■Patent number■  Japan: 4889059 – USA: 8,444,262 – China: ZL 200910222559.8

5 6C) Three-way intelligent heater system optimizes the ink droplets size.

Generally, swath boundaries are straight lines. Therefore, a slight misalignment between boundaries causes banding or uneven color printing. MAPS3 reduces banding and uneven color printing with blurred boundaries similar to gradation printing.



5. Quick-dry SS21 ink that achieves outstanding speed



6. Cut-and-print function

This function prevents common problems, such as film separation and faulty cut results, by cutting the media before printing.

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7. Solutions for uninterrupted print operation

A) Productivity maintenance

(NRS – Nozzle Recovery System )

The NRS substitutes defective nozzles with non-defective nozzles.

(NCU – Nozzle Check Unit )

Clogged nozzles are automatically detected and cleaned by the NCU.


This features enables uninterrupted print operations and continuous productivity.


B) Stable printing using the ink circulation system – MCT (Mimaki Circulation technology)


MCT is a standard feature included to effectively avoid the settling of white and silver pigments in the ink lines by regularly circulating the ink. It prevents print troubles and enables stable output from the start of operation. In addition, MCT contributes to reduction of ink waste, thereby supporting environmentally and economically friendly applications.



  CJV150-75 CJV150-107 CJV150-130 CJV150-160
Printhead On-demand piezo head
Print resolution 360 dpi, 540 dpi, 720 dpi, 1,080 dpi, and 1,440 dpi
Maximum print width 800mm (31.5″) 1,090mm (42.9″) 1,361mm (53.6″) 1,610mm (63.4″)
Maximum media width 810mm (31.9″) 1,100mm (43.3″) 1,371mm (54.0″) 1,620mm (63.8″)
Ink Type/Color Eco-solvent ink ・SS21(C,M,Y,K,Lc,Lm,Lk,Or,W and Si) ・BS3(C,M,Y, and K) only available in emerging countries ・ES3(C,M,Y,K,Lc, and Lm) Sublimation ink *1 ・Sb53(Bl,M,Y,K/Dk,Lbl, and Lm) ・Sb54(Bl,M,Y,K,Lbl, and Lm)
Package size *2 SS21:440ml Ink cartridge / 2L Ink pack (* W and Si are provided in 220ml ink cartridges only) BS3:600ml Ink pack / 2L Ink pack ES3:440ml Ink cartridge Sb53, Sb54:440ml Ink cartridge / 2L Ink pack
Circulation system MCT (Mimaki Circulation Technology) Only applies to white and silver inks
Media thickness 1.0 mm or less
Rolled media weight 40 kg (88 lb) or less
Certifications VCCI class A, FCC class A, ETL UL 60950-1 CE Marking (EMC, Low voltage, Machinery directive, and RoHS), CB, REACH, Energy Star, RCM (CCC is in the process of being acquired.)
Interface USB 2.0, LAN for E-mail notification function
Power supply Single-phase (AC 100–120V / AC 220–240V)
Power consumption 100V:1.44 kVA × 1 or less / 200V: 1.92 kVA × 1 or less
Operational environment Temperature: 20–30 °C (68–86 °F) Humidity: 35–65% Rh (Non condensing)
Dimensions (W×D×H) 1,965mm× 700mm×1,392mm (77″×28″×55″) 2,255mm× 700mm×1,392mm (89″×28″×55″) 2,525mm× 700mm×1,392mm (99″×28″×55″) 2,775mm× 700mm×1,392mm (109″×28″×55″)
Weight 126kg (278 lb) 142kg (313 lb) 157kg (346 lb) 168kg (370 lb)