NEOTITAN RTR3204D Digital UV printer with true roll-to-roll printing capability. Economically feasible and efficient roll-to-roll with 4 colors plus white printing. The highest productivity with maximum speed 150sqm/hr billboard mode. Photorealistic printing quality with 1440dpi resolution.


May in UV NeoSun FB2513-04DWX - 2

✔  Eco-friendly Solution
– Balance both environmental and business needs owing to Dilli orignal UV inks that contain no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and minimize energy usege
 Increase profit, reduce costs
– Versatile printing applications on a wide range of flexible substrates and minimzed ink consumption with the most optimized UV printing technology
 Printing Speed
– Max. Billbord Mode 235sqm/hr with KKCCMMYY(8) and 150sqm/hr with KCMY(4) & White colors printing
– Max. Fine Art Mode 1440 dpi as photorealstic quality
Color Expression
– Dilli original true UV flexble Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & White
– Double Strike printing mode for back-lit display
– Dilli original Neo Rip S/W and ICC profile
– KCMY plus white printing for transparent and colored roll media
✔ Special High-tech Function
– Auto Media Tension Control System : Speed/power of winding/unwinding
– Head impact Prevention System : safety sensor protects head from dangerous strike
– Print Head Alignment Controller S/W for the highest quality of image printing
– Auto Feeding System for Roll-media
– Auto Vacuum Generated Negative Pressure system
– Color & White(2-layer) / White & Color(2-layer) / Color & White & Color(3-layer) simultaneous printing
– Masking Mode(Gradient) for extremely higher photorealistic printing quality
– Both Sides Printing Mode for baclit & standing banner
– Dual Roll Simultaneous Printing Kit option

Dilli 3204D - Specifications