NEOTITAN FB2513-06DW UV Flatbed printer

NEOTITAN FB2513-06DW UV Flatbed printer. Dedicated true flatbed for all kinds of rigid and sheet materials. Max printing speed 30m²/h (Production Mode). Hifg resolution 720x1440dpi (max).
Ink : TVOC certified, environmentally friendly
– Auto Vacuum Control System : handles various media sizes
– Dual Servo Auto Feeding System for precise feeding control
– UV Lamp Power Control System : prevents damages to the heat sensitive media
– Auto Gap Preset System : maximum media thickness of 50mm
– Sliding Ink Refill Station for easy accessibility
– Air Blowing System to handle heavy substrates
– Print Head Collision Prevention System
– Automatic Origin Pin System helps setting of media
– Antistatic System to keep media free of static
– Accuracy : More accurate registration is possible with substrate firmly stationed on the vacuum bed
– Quality : Dual servo motor control guarantees uncompromising image quality
– Convenience : Built-in PC together with touch screen operation make NEO TITAN easy to use