Mimaki Printer

Dye-sub Printer Mimaki TS300P-1800

Máy in chuyển nhiệt khổ lớn Mimaki TS300P-1800 sử dụng đầu phun Nhật Bản DX7 thể hệ mới, độ phân giải 1080 DPI. Tốc độ in có thể đạt được 115m²/h (^) . Công nghệ in dạng sóng nhuyễn MAPS4 độc quyền của Mimaki giúp kéo dài tuổi thọ đầu phun. A high-quality, high-production printer is no

Mimaki CG-130SR III

Mimaki’s new CG-130SR III range of cutting plotters features a 137 cm wide desktop model professional production unit. All with the capability to cut to a wider range of substrates and applications at higher speeds that ever before. By delivering a practical and cost effective solution for every sign and graphics need, the highest possible

Printers advertising MIMAKI JV150-130/160

Printers advertising MIMAKI JV150-130/160 .Highly reliable inkjet technology optimizes waveform to achieve the precise placement of the ink droplets onto media. MAPS3 reduces banding and uneven color printing. Continuous print operation solutions ・Automatic clogged nozzle detection, Nozzle recovery system (NRS), and E-mail notification function. Orange and light black inks create high-value-added printing ・SS21 orange and light

Print & Cut machine MIMAKI CJV150

CJV150 Series integrated printer/cutter from Mimaki provides high performance, creativity and versatility with vibrant ink types, including new Silver, Orange and Light Black, in a cost effective package for signmakers, display graphics professionals and printshops. ► Mimaki CJV150 series delivers: Fast printing speeds up to 56.2m2 per hour with DX7 print head High quality print

Dye-sub Printer Mimaki JV300

Mimaki’s latest high performance JV300 Series sets a new bench mark for professional wide format printers. With the unrivalled versatility of multiple ink types, the JV300 delivers stunning photo -quality prints at class-leading speeds and provides the ultimate wide format solution for sign & graphics professionals, sportswear and fashion manufacturers, print shops and more. Mời

Print & Cut machine MIMAKI CJV300

Mimaki CJV300 Series cut and print devices go beyond extraordinary to deliver an amazing array of applications. Equiped with 2 staggerd dual-head DX7, the maximum productivity of 105.9m2 is attained. And with precision cutting capability on board, you can deliver complete campaigns beyond posters to include labels, decals or T-shirt transfers. With the Mimaki CJV300