INFINITI Ultimaker FY-1325A UV Printer

INFINITI Ultimaker FY-1325A UV Printer SEIKO SPT1020/35pl printheads, High resolution and speed.widely apllication. Adopts industrial stainless steel piezo print head which has 1020 nozzles each to achieve both high speed and high resolution Electronic Unit origin in United Kingdom comprises of dual UV lamps and power supply , making the ink fast-solidified.

may in uv infiniti 1325A

1. The whole UV inkjet printing machine is made of steel and is manufactured with seamless welding technology. Thus the steel frame of our product is not easy to deform and capable of bearing heavy load. The backing steel plate of the working platform has high strength and rigidity.
2. 3kW water-cooling electric spindle, 5.5kW centrifugal vacuum pump and high adhesion vacuum adsorption equipment with capacity of 230m2/h are optional for this UV flatbed printing equipment.
3. Our UV flatbed printer is designed with an advanced transmission mode. The Y axis adopts double screw rods which are durable and can achieve accurate stepping control. The height of the Z axis is adjustable to deal with medium with maximum thickness of 100mm. The X axis is driven by double towing chains.
4. Thanks to the LED UV curing technology, our product has longer service life avoiding frequently replacing.
5. The integrated control software allows RIP operation, printer control and color management to be dealt with simultaneously.
6. The 6+1 color scheme makes for bright color effects and perfect image quality.



Machine Model



Seiko SPT 1020 x8H (4color/double 4 color/ 6 color/white)

Printing Size

2500mm x 1250mm

Printing Speed

draft mode

4pass 57.56sqms/h 32.86sqms/h (6 color)

production mode

6pass 32.53sqms/h 23.84sqms/h

quality mode

8pass 18.87sqms/h 13.56sqms/h

Printing Thickness

Up to 70mm

Media Type

Acrylic, APC, Wood, Ceramic, Cystosepiment, Metal Board, Glass, Carbon etc.

Curing method

LED-UV Lamp curing, water circulation heat dissipation

Ink Type

UV Ink (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White)

Auto Cleaning System

Independent positive pressure cleaning for printhead head for each color;the printhead for white color has anti-clog function and flash jet function

Data Interface

USB 2.0

Voltage and Power

UV Printer: AC 220V/ 2200W
Platen absorption device: AC220V, 3000W

Machine Dimension

L 4250 x W 2150 x H 1350 mm