Multifunction Heat Transfer Printing Machine (Pengda PD 1700 series)

Multifunction Heat Transfer Printing Machine (Pengda PD 1700 series) This machine is developed according to the customer experience in long-term trial, and combining the advantages of international models, with the domestic use of the most advanced and practical development of a device. This device is suited to the rugged type transfer printing pieces, also suitable for printing roll to roll, adjustable pressure system effective solution due to the rugged fabric. Phenomenon caused by the grin lines. Make fabric transition lines at the seams, which are more vivid colors, plane transfer effect can be achieved. Belt-type automatic feeding system to join the collection, makes the volume of production volume, efficient more province of artificial.


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► Key features: 

✔  Most advanced thermal transfer printing equipment/developed after market feedback

✔  Applicable for both Roll-to-roll transfer and cut pieces of garments

✔  Pneumatic pressure system provides effective solution and bright colors on fabrics

✔  Integrated conveyor take-up for smooth collection of printed garments or finished rolls

✔  Available roll diameters – 420mm / 600mm

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► Specifications: