Dilli UV Printer


NEO MERCURY NEW UV printer  Accepted as a leader of entry market by excellent quality, perfomane and resonable price in world market of UV Courving Printer. Printing Speed – Max Production Mode 50m per minute with CMYK(4) color printing Resolution – Photorealistic image quality at maximum quality mode of 1,200dpi Color Expresssion – Dilli orginal Cyan,

NEOTITAN 1604D UV Printer

NEOTITAN 1604D UV Printer designed compact and heavy-duty industrial printing purpose, print speed 33m²/h (CMYK Mode). Better Image Quality with 720 x 1440 dpi to cover wider application in graphic world. ► Features: – Flexibility : Rigid or roll, coated or uncoated, NEO TITAN can support them all – Productivity : Belt feeding system and media setting system are

NEOTITAN RTR5004D-W2X/RTR5004DX Digital UV printer

NEOTITAN RTR5004D-W2X/RTR5004DX Digital UV printer targeting both for high quality POP and outdoor billboard application. Stay ahead of the competition high productivity up to 235m²/h. Replacing low speed water-based and eco-solvent printers with 1440 dpi photorealitic quality. Dilli Premium UV Ink Water and fade resistant contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), media-independent, fast drying, and industry


NEOTITAN RTR3204D Digital UV printer with true roll-to-roll printing capability. Economically feasible and efficient roll-to-roll with 4 colors plus white printing. The highest productivity with maximum speed 150sqm/hr billboard mode. Photorealistic printing quality with 1440dpi resolution. ✔  Eco-friendly Solution – Balance both environmental and business needs owing to Dilli orignal UV inks that contain no volatile

NEOSUN FB2513-04DWX UV Flatbed printer

NEOSUN FB2513-04DWX UV Flatbed printer. Dedicated true flatbed for all kinds of rigid and sheet materials. Max printing speed 100m²/h (Express Mode). Masking mode (Gradient) for extremely higher photorealistic printing quality. ✔ Advantages: – Speed : 100 sqm/hr (Express Mode) delivers the highest productivity – Accuracy : More accurate printing is available with the strong and

NEOTITAN FB2513-06DW UV Flatbed printer

NEOTITAN FB2513-06DW UV Flatbed printer. Dedicated true flatbed for all kinds of rigid and sheet materials. Max printing speed 30m²/h (Production Mode). Hifg resolution 720x1440dpi (max). Ink : TVOC certified, environmentally friendly – Auto Vacuum Control System : handles various media sizes – Dual Servo Auto Feeding System for precise feeding control – UV Lamp Power

UV Printer Hybrid NeoTitan UVT-2504D-W2V

Máy in UV Hybrid NeoTitan UVT-2504D-W2V giúp bạn thực hiện in trên tất cả các loại vật liệu, là dóng máy có giá thành mực in thấp nhất nhưng chất lượng bản in cao nhất. ✔Avantages Speed : 139 sqm/hr (Express Mode) delivers the highest productivity – Acuuracy : Better accuracy and repeatability are secured by more